Tips for using your True North™ Extracts vaporizer

  • 1. Do not store in warm or hot temperatures or leave in the sun.
  • 2. Do not store upside down for long periods of time.
  • 3. If you take the pen into high altitudes or on a plane, remove the mouthpiece, then the blue tip to release some pressure. Then replace the blue tip and mouthpiece.
  • 4. If your cart is not working, it may not be connecting with the battery. Unscrew the cart and see if it is flush with the service or pushed in. If it is pushed in, look for the hole at the bottom, take a pin or end of a paper clip, lightly insert it into the hole and pull it toward the end so that the cart will connect with the battery.
  • 5. Do not pull too hard. It might clog the wick. Instead, you only need to lightly puff on the cart in order to get a hit.

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